The World's Freshwater Resources: Challenges and Opportunities 


The World's Freshwater Resources: Challenges and Opportunities

when 6:30‐8pm where Zoom Webinar who NYU Abu Dhabi Institute
Open to the Public

The World's Freshwater Resources: Challenges and Opportunities 

Freshwater is vital for human and environmental health, industrial activities and food production, the production and use of energy, and much more. As human populations and economies grow, pressure on limited water resources are also growing, leading to a variety of challenging problems, including water scarcity and pollution, water-related diseases, ecological disruptions, and even social and political conflict. This presentation provides an overview of current challenges associated with the world's freshwater resources, a vision of a more positive and sustainable future, and pathways to achieve that future.

Time: 6:30pm Gulf Standard Time
             10:30am Eastern Daylight Time
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Peter H. Gleick, President Emeritus and Co-founder, Pacific Institute

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