The Steed, the Night and the Desert الخيلُ والليلُ والبيداء 


The Steed, the Night and the Desert
Credits: A statue of al-Mutanabbi, who traveled throughout modern-day Syria, Iraq, and Egypt among others (creative commons)

when 9:30‐10:30pm where NYUAD Campus, Conference Center Part of the "Ramadaniyyat رمضانيّات" Series who NYU Abu Dhabi Institute
Open to the Public

The Steed, the Night and the Desert الخيلُ والليلُ والبيداء 

Why do many consider al-Mutannabi the first Arab poet? Why is his poetry still pulsing with life, modernity, uniqueness, and Arabness as if it was written in the recent past? This conversation discusses Dr. Ali bin Tamim's personal experience with al-Mutannabi and the reasons behind his interest of al-Mutannabi's poetry. This special talk includes readings of al-Mutannabi’s poetry and distribution of some publications from the Abu Dhabi Center for the Arabic Language.

Simultaneous English Interpretation will be provided.


H.E Dr. Ali Bin Tamim, Chairman of Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Center

In Conversation with 

Bilal Orfali, Sheikh Zayed Professor for Arabic and Islamic Studies, American University of Beirut; Senior Research Fellow, Library of Arabic Literature (LAL)

د. عليّ بن تميم ورحلته مع المتنبّي شاعر العرب الأوّل

 يحاوره د. بلال الأرفه لي

لماذا يعتبر الكثيرون المتنبّي شاعر العرب الأوّل؟ ولماذا لا يزال شعره نابضًا بالحياة والحداثة والفرادة والعربيّة والعروبة كأنّه كتب بالأمس القريب؟ يحدّثنا د. عليّ بن تميم، رئيس مركز أبو ظبي للغة العربيّة عن تجربته الفردية مع المتنبّي وعن أسباب اهتمامه بشعره. يتخلّل هذا اللقاء الممّيز قراءات لشعر المتنبّي وتوزيع لبعض أصدارات مركز أبو ظبي للغة العربية

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