Drug Discovery, Delivery and Therapeutics II 


Drug Discovery, Delivery and Therapeutics II

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By Invitation

Interested scholars please contact nyuad.programs@nyu.edu.


Drug Discovery, Delivery and Therapeutics II 

In the past few years, advances in genomics, proteomics, computational biology, and artificial intelligence allowed us to define coding genes and disease-causing mutations more precisely. However, identifying the next generation of lead candidates against drug targets is still challenging. The conference brings together world renowned scientists to present research on finding new lead compounds and drug candidates for different human diseases, as well as share advances made in developing novel platforms for the targeted delivery of disease-specific therapeutics. Topics include protein evolution, target verification, AI-based therapeutics, drug screening and design, drug validation assays, production processes, and drug delivery strategies. Some of the drug targets are important in cancer, diabetes, infectious diseases, and degenerative brain disorders. Scientists from academia and industry communicate recent advances in biological and chemical techniques for drug discovery in the broadest sense as well as around processes to transform ideas from lab to industry and, in turn, from industry to market. 


Convened by
Piergiorgio Percipalle, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs, Program Head of Biology, and Professor of Biology, NYUAD
Jean-Claude Twizere, Associate Professor, University of Liege
Wael Rabeh, Associate Professor of Chemistry, NYUAD
Mazin Magzoub, Associate Professor of Biology, NYUAD
Kourosh Salehi-Ashtiani, Associate Professor of Biology and Global Network Associate Professor of Biology, NYUAD
Ali Trabolsi, Program Head of Chemistry; Professor of Chemistry; Global Network Professor of Chemistry, Faculty of Arts and Science, NYUAD

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