The Ocean Hope Project: Protecting the Deep Sea 


The Ocean Hope Project: Protecting the Deep Sea

when 4:30‐6pm where 19 Washington Square North who NYU Abu Dhabi Institute in New York
Open to the Public

The Ocean Hope Project: Protecting the Deep Sea 

The vast oceans surrounding us are a remarkable source of sustenance, prosperity, and vitality. They regulate our climate, nourish us, and support numerous industries. Yet, the oceans face increasing pressures from climate change, overfishing, and pollution. Now a new threat looms for the ocean. If allowed to go ahead, deep-sea mining will destroy this critical and awe-inspiring source of life. This talk explores the deep-sea, why we don't need to mine the ocean, and the growing global resistance to this new form of ecocide.

Image credit: Amanda Cotton

Farah Obaidullah, Ocean Advocate; Founder, The Ocean and Us; Editor "The Ocean and Us" (Springer International Publishing, 2023)

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