Principles of Visual Communication for Science 


Principles of Visual Communication for Science

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Principles of Visual Communication for Science 

Scientific research is only relevant when it is shared, understood, and applied. Can the choice of typeface or background color affect the impact of scientific data? Researchers need to understand how to employ visual tools to communicate effectively to all kinds of audiences. In this practical workshop, Goffredo Puccetti and Erin Collins demonstrate how to use principles of graphic design to create graphics that engage and inspire. Participants learn the fundamentals of graphic excellence, typography essentials (it’s not every day that you announce the discovery of the Higgs boson in Comic Sans!), and have the opportunity to improve their own graphics.

Convened by
Erin Collins, Instructor of the Arts in Design and Alumna, NYUAD
Goffredo Puccetti, Designer and Assistant Professor of Practice of Visual Arts, NYUAD

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